Welcome to Vgyapun

Vgyapun is an online learning platform aimed at professionals and students in the Indian advertising industry. We connect right institutes and tutors with potential students seeking online courses in design, applied art and creative communication space with providing all the services and satisfactory results in succeeding with flying colours.

Our mission is to give people the power to build better brands by equipping them with the right knowledge and resources

What We Do

We build products that help people to find their purpose, define their identity, communicate, effectively, and tell their stories to the world.


Our community or what we call them “BrandIndians” is a group of people blessed with creative powers to transform businesses into brands. We look forward to problems as opportunities and backed by dynamic entrepreneurs, India is on its way to building brands and not just businesses, solving one problem at a time.

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Amidst lockdown due to global pandemic, a little introspection blended with an urge to scratch my own itch I founded Vgyapun with a single focus to bring the world’s best knowledge under one roof that can help solve real-time problems in the Indian advertising and creative communication industry. What started with free webinars is now on its way to create an impact on the power of education and technology

– Vivek Hiralal

Vivek is a problem-solving designer, a brand strategist, and a creative entrepreneur. Being a founder of Vgyapun, he is also the co-founder of Evogue Media – a branding Service platform focused on building brands for MSMEs and startups. His purpose Is to bridge the gaps existing in Indian advertising and creative communication space.


Culture & Principles

  • Always nation-first
  • Find and solve a consumer problem
  • Consumers are co-creators
  • Create an impact
  • Simplify lives
  • Change behaviours
  • Be Future-ready
  • Innovate constantly
  • Be agile
  • Embrace ownership
  • Quick decision making
  • Welcome imperfections
  • Improve with time
  • Stay focused and consistent
Free webinars during the lockdown
Idea & company incorporation
Our first batch on branding begins
We touch the 100+ student mark
Work starts on portal development as we plan to meet the growing demand
Going live with the web & giving our consumers a seamless experience