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Millennial Brands of India!
Multilingual online platform for education, digital assets and market access for aspiring brand designers and entrepreneurs.
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Live Coaching

We balance live training sessions with pre-recorded videos, to equip you with the right knowledge and not just information.
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Proven blueprints and frameworks to help you achieve your desired, smart and measurable goals.
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Niche Market

Curated courses that help fill the gap in the Indian advertising industry with a focus on a particular niche.
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No Language Barrier

Simplified concepts in easy to understand regional languages.

Logo Se Logon Tak

In tomorrow’s digital world, design and branding proficiency will no longer be optional.

Why Choose Us?

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Best possible content at pocket-friendly prices.
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Always on par with industry standards and changing trends.
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Learn anywhere, anytime, at your comfort.
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21st Century Brand Designer

Take the first step in transforming yourself from being a graphic designer to a problem-solving brand designer



Why should I prefer vgyapun?
If you are looking forward to upskilling yourself or getting the right education in the fields of advertising, design and marketing, this is a platform in making that is curating tailor-made content that suits the current market needs. Also, we are hyper-focused on advertising domains, unlike other generic portals.
Are there any live sessions?
Yes we have a blend of pre-recorded and live content because we want the learners to be more hands-on in their approach and get trained rather than just gaining mere information.
What if I miss the live sessions?
Firstly, avoid missing the live sessions as that is where the real fun is. Still, even if you miss them we make sure you get the recorded version for the same.
Do courses have life-time access?
Yes once subscribed, you get lifetime access.
Is it hyper focused on Indian marketing & advertising industry?
Yes, we want this platform to solve real-time problems existing in Indian Advertising Industry and bridge the gap through industry-standard education.
Who will be coaching?
We are in the process of aggregating Industry experts, agency owners and one of the best institutes with Vgyapun so that you learn from the best.
How can the courses be affordable and still provide high quality education?
We operate at a greater scale and volume to benefit the consumer ultimately. With the help of technology and scale we are able to provide quality education at affordable costs.

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