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We balance live training sessions with pre-recorded videos, to equip you with the right knowledge and not just information.

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Proven blueprints and frameworks to help you achieve your desired, smart and measurable goals.

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Curated courses that help fill the gap in the Indian advertising industry with a focus on a particular niche.

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We connect right institutes and tutors with potential students seeking online courses in design, applied art and creative communication space.

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You don’t find many workshops that teach you practical things you can apply in real life. Vgyapan’s session, assignments, and tests were all straightforward and I loved them!


Very nice workshop about branding! I think it will be really helpful if the sessions have client journeys. I would like to see the journey from the start to finishing a live project.


I have been a designer for 5 years now but I still got so much to learn from Vivek. He made the sessions super interactive. If you really got to learn brand identity and strategy, then this course is for you. Cheers!

Yash Shah

I couldn’t attend the class on time, but the session recordings really helped me!

Rups Raut

The course really helped me go beyond the sessions. The daily assignments were challenging and helped me improve so much.

Rhea Sehgal

For a beginner like me, this 5-day course was awesome! From the start, it helped me focus on things that would make me grow in the industry

Wadhwa Mahima

The significance of soft-skills from email etiquettes to a pitch, Vivek did make me realise how it is our fault and not the client’s fault if we are not able to communicate clearly with them. Now I am able to work with my clients as their partner and not a  vendor in their brand-building process.

Krish Daiya

Advertising Professional
If I could say one thing that I learnt the most from Vivek would be,  as a designer how important it is to sell your idea and concept if you truly believe in it. I am able to communicate better with clients now and also make sure that my creativity helps a client in selling their products/ services!

Sukanya Kadam

This course helped me understand the nuances of advertising in a nutshell. I was clueless about the path ahead career-wise, but with Vivek’s help it is all crystal clear now and I am ready for my next milestone!

Viraj Sanghvi

Applied art student
The stage comes in everyone’s life when the work exceeds your personal bandwidth and you have to understand the art of delegation and developing seamless processes to make sure the projects are done timely with required creative quality control. Vivek helped me with his own blue-prints and I am happy to be able to service my clients better.

Pratik Shejwal

Co-founder New Old Media


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